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Managing Your Hormonal Health - X

Algemeen - 18 maart 2024 - 18:09 - Door Cathelijn Bogers

Het is deze week Health Week bij X, met allemaal leuke en interessante lezingen om bij te zijn, zo ook deze lezing over menstruatie en hormonen.

From 18th March to 24th March, X TU Delft, will host the Health Week, during which there will be an event 'Managing Your Hormonal Health' on the 23rd of March from 12:30 PM. This informative event brings together therapists, researchers, gynaecologist's and social workers to guide you to understand your unique hormonal cycles and its impacts, with a focus on cis-gendered women, trans individuals and female athletes. Within this, you can interact with 2 specialised sports gynaecologists during and after their workshop on 23rd afternoon about any relevant issues you have. The following is a list of all the interesting workshops & talks you can attend as part of the event, including the one for female athletes:

Plenary: Your Menstrual Health Your Rules: Understanding the Menstrual Cycle as a Source of Power, Self-Advocacy and Social Change: Lecture by Maria Carmen Punzi, PhD Candidate in Business Society Management at Rotterdam School of Management
followed by 3 simultaneous workshops (you can attend 1 only)

1. Getting the most out of yourself through hormonal balance in women: Workshop by Linda Reinhardt, Advisor & coach for women with hormonal health issues
2. The female athlete and her menstrual cycle; managing hormonal health for athletes: By Kitty Kapiteijn & Emma Paternotte, Gynaecologists from the Sport & Gyn Network
3. Biohacking your gender responsibly: The reality of transitioning and hormone replacement therapy : By Yenny Rus, Co-founder of Trans in Eigen Hand

If the event interests you, you can enrol for it here at the link:
You can check out all health week offerings at: Health Week at X | Your Balance, Your Rules. (
You will then be contacted for the preference of workshop (which workshop you will be attending).